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Water Heater Repair  Service & Upgrades

Is your water heater past its prime leaving you without enough hot water? Or is it developing issues making worrisome noises, leaking water, or showing other signs of failure? At Holtkamp Plumbing, we have years of expertise in providing professional water heater solutions throughout the area. Whether your current heater simply needs a few repairs or it’s time to replace the unit entirely, we have you covered.

From diagnosing problems to fixes and new installations, to haul away and disposal services, our team handles your complete water heating solution. Read below to learn why homeowners have continued relying on Holtkamp Plumbing for all water heater needs.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Service

While most water heaters last 8-12 years, it’s best to call in experts if you notice any of the following developing:

  • Rumbling Sounds – If your heater is making noises like banging or rumbling, sediment buildup or failing components could be culprits requiring service.
  • Leaking Tanks – Once tanks start leaking, repairing the source might just temporarily plug one hole while another forms soon. Replacement is probably best.
  • Faulty Temperature Regulation – Heaters allowing water hot enough to potentially scald or lacking sufficient temp for comfort despite adjustments usually have issues with heating elements, sensors or dip tubes requiring repair.
  • Low Hot Water Recovery – Do you run out of hot water too quickly with your current heater? Too small a tank size or scale blocking pipes reduces delivery needing expert attention.
  • High Energy Bills – If an aging unit seems to run constantly without adequately heating water, extremely high-efficiency losses likely demand upgrades.

Do-it-yourself repairs risk further damage plus most regular homeowners lack the necessary abilities to test electrical circuits, check gas valves, access internal areas safely, etc.

Water Heater Service

Leave it to Holtkamp Plumbing to accurately assess your current water heater’s issues and recommend the most sensible solutions going forward whether that may be:

  • Adjustments and Minor Repairs – Some newer heaters just need tweaks to settings or replacement parts like thermocouples, pressure release valves, or heating elements to work great again.
  • Major Repairs – With complex repairs to piping, venting, ignition control modules, and more, Holtkamp can often restore even older units efficiently.
  • New Installations – For heaters beyond reasonable repair costs or lacking user needs, we offer complete removal, replacement, and installation of new upgraded models.

Water Heater Repair Services

Has your formerly reliable water heater been acting up lately? Before rushing into complete unit replacement, our team first determines whether repairs may salvage your existing system. Some examples of common fixes we perform include:

  • Sediment Removal – Over time mineral deposits and scale collect inside tanks and pipes hampering efficiency. We use specialty flushing equipment to restore normal flows.
  • Leak Repair – From microscopic pinhole leaks to ruptured pipes or fittings, our plumbers have repair techniques for resealing things tightly.
  • Temperature Sensor Swaps – To keep your water heating accurate again, we replace worn-out thermostats and thermocouples when heat regulation fails.
  • Anode Rod Replacements – These corrosion-protecting rods wear out over 5-10 years. Replacing maintains tank integrity much longer.
  • Vent and Drain Flushing – Clearing nutrient accumulations or nest blockages in vital ductwork helps systems run safely and efficiently again.
  • Electrical Repairs – For gas heaters with ignition troubles or electric units tripping breakers, our experts tackle all circuitry issues efficiently.

Before assuming repairs will be ineffective or overly involved, trust Holtkamp’s expertise. In many cases, repairs restore system functioning at a fraction of full replacement costs.

New  Efficient  Water Heater Installations

Eventually though, repairing an older inefficient water heater no longer makes sense versus upgrading to a new model. Our plumbers guide homeowners through selecting replacement heaters ideal for their household needs considering:

  • Energy Performance – Newer systems utilize up to 60% less energy through better insulation and heat-capturing capabilities. Choosing the right-sized high-efficiency units generates substantial savings over aging equipment.
  • Hot Water Output – Matching tank capacity and heating elements to your household’s typical hot water demand prevents shortages while avoiding oversized wasteful operation.
  • Fuel Options – We offer traditional gas and electric water heaters as well as more advanced solar and hybrid heat pump systems. Your site and usage factors help determine the optimal fuel source.
  • Warranties – New heaters carry 10 years or longer tank and parts coverage granting long-term peace of mind on function.
    Water Heater Installation

Once the ideal replacement system is chosen, Holtkamp’s NATE-certified technicians handle professional installations including:

  • Full System Removals – We safely remove and dispose of the old problematic water heater preventing clutter at your home. Proper materials recycling is ensured.
  • New Unit Unboxing – Your replacement unit is carefully inspected for any manufacturer defects before mounting.
  • Connections and Wiring – After positioning the heater, water, gas supply, and electrical inputs are hooked up meeting all codes.
  • Venting and Drains – Exhaust and overflow outputs are directed through proper penetration points or tied into existing tracts.
  • Startup and Settings – Final calibration for ideal temperature regulation and efficiency is tuned by our plumbers.
  • Cleanup and Haul Away – All installation areas are cleaned and cleared of old parts, packing supplies, or tools used for maximum homeowner convenience.

For the fastest access to endless hot water your whole household can enjoy, rely on a brand-new heater installed seamlessly by Holtkamp Plumbing specialists.

Tankless  Water Heaters

Our commitment to modernizing homes extends to the installation and maintenance of cutting-edge tankless water heaters, providing you with unparalleled efficiency and comfort. Unlike traditional water heaters that store and continuously heat a large volume of water, tankless systems heat water on demand, offering significant energy savings and a continuous supply of hot water.

Holtkamp Plumbing’s expert technicians guide you through the selection process, ensuring that the tankless water heater aligns with your household’s needs. From installation to routine maintenance, we prioritize precision and efficiency, allowing you to enjoy endless hot water and lower utility bills. Upgrade your home with Holtkamp Plumbing’s tankless water heaters – where innovation meets warmth, and efficiency becomes a way of life.

What Our Customers Say

Holtkamp Plumbing is the best plumbing company I have ever used. They are professional, courteous, and they get the job done right. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a plumber in Atlanta.

John S.

"I was very impressed with Holtkamp Plumbing. They were on time, they were efficient, and they were very knowledgeable. I would definitely use them again."

Jane B.

Why  Holtkamp  Stands Out for Water Heater Services

With so many options trying to service your water heating needs these days, what sets Holtkamp Plumbing apart?

  • Years of Experience
  • Master Certified Technicians
  • Latest Tools and Technology.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Reliable Brands
  • Upfront Pricing

With years of plumbing service under our belt, the expert team at Holtkamp has the experience to keep your home’s water flowing reliably for years to come. Whether your current heater needs minor repairs or a major replacement overhaul, we provide customized solutions to match your family’s hot water usage needs and budget. Our NATE-certified technicians install only the highest quality water heating systems with the latest energy-efficient technology. And every job comes backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

For trusted service getting your water heater working optimally again, choose the hometown team at Holtkamp Plumbing. Call us anytime to diagnose your hot water issues and get reliable recommendations and affordably priced repairs or replacements keeping your home comfortably supplied around the clock.

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